Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tool #9

Technology should be tied to the objective so that students become aware of how the content area is applied in something they can relate to such as technology making for a more meaningful learning experience. We need to hold students accountable for the stations/centers to ensure proper care of these new devices to lengthen their lifespan.

Two interactive websites for your content/grade level that I visited are Tutpup and Manga High. Both sites offer fun and competitive ways to engage students in practice of fundamental skills like arithmetic. One way to incorporate these sites would be to create a station for students to go to after completing an in-class assignment, during advisory/intervention or after school. Students could keep track of their performance and compete against classmates. To hold the students accountable for their time in these stations, students could sign-up for time on the device and write a short description of their objective before using the device.

Two apps on the iPad that we currently use in my classroom are ShowMe and TurboScan. ShowMe allows the students to draw on the screen while recording both voice and drawing. Students can work a math problem on ShowMe while explaining their work. Below is an example of a ShowMe tutorial that my student made in class. TurboScan is a simple scanner allowing students to take pics of documents and convert them into PDFs to email or text message. The iPad is also an excellent tool for quickly recording students and creating tutorials. With the iPad, uploading videos to YouTube is simple since the recording are already on the device.

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  1. Terrific use of the ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app! Your student did a great job of showing what she knows!