Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tool #1

I think I am going to enjoy this new project of 11 Tools. I know there are a lot of new ideas out there that I can incorporate in my classroom but haven't managed to find the time to learn about them. Here's a push to do it (exactly what I need sometimes!). Tool #1 seemed easy enough as I've created a blog for my classroom before ( The challenge is to navigate through the new format of Blogger. I'm still bumping into obstacles, but I think it'll get easier once I play around on here enough. I also like the idea of viewing other teachers' blogs. There are several teachers on campus who I would love to sit and chat with. Our blogs will help us all to connect better. I'll see you on the blog...


  1. I think we all can agree that a push (properly applied) can be a good thing. I also think it is important from time to time for all of us to have a relatively common experience that we can talk around. Have fun playing to learn!

    1. Very true...however, I may not be chatting it up about my 11 Tools during my lunch hour. :)